Tennent Technique

Tennent Technique

Thank you for scheduling online. Please call or email me directly at joanntennent@gmail.com if you do not see a time that works for you, or if you have any questions. For prepayments, please continue on to https://paypal.me/tennenttechnique after booking your appointment here.
Foot and Hand Reflexology - $75
An hour long Reflexology session approaching the whole anatomy through the feet and hands. I work mainly on the feet it's a bigger map. If you would like me to do Reflexology only on the hand's let me know at the start of the session, or hand's and feet at the same time.

Group session out calls available 3-6 people group's call to set up possible out town group session's.

Available for lectures, teaching self help with Reflexology or how to give a full hour Reflexology session. Call to schedule. Check web site tennenttechnique.com or

Always work with Children for FREE until 20 years old!

World Peace Blessings and Many Thanks

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